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Japan Airlines Flight Economy Class: Boston to Japan and What Happened After We Landed

January 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


The flight was 14 hours to Japan, nonstop from Boston.  We got two meals and both were good considering it was airplane food. I apologize,  I'm talking really low in the video . Hopefully you can hear me. The plane was mostly Japanese people and they tend to not talk on public transport so I was trying not to be annoying on the flight. There were plenty of movies to watch. I watched Godzilla. I also read a manga, Tokyo Ghoul, which I liked. It was really warm on the plane. I don't know if that is normal, but you may want to dress light. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep because of how warm it was on the plane. It was around 80 degrees. I loved the windows. You can adjust their tent from normal window to so black you can't see out. This was nice since it was day the entire flight. There is a time lapse of the window changing in the video.


20171017_15385020171017_153850 After landing we didn't film or take any pictures. The time was 4pm in Japan when we landed and we had traveled with no sleep for over 30 hours. Our brains were not in a good place. We figured out emigration. There were plenty of signs in English to direct you the right way and the process was pretty easy. After that we were left on our own in the airport.


The first thing we did, of course, was buy something strange from a vending machine. I don't remember what we bought. My husband picked it and I don't think I liked it. We then had to figure out what terminal we were in, I believe it was 2, where I think all international flights land. We bought tickets for the Limousine Bus which cost $32 each and dropped us off just outside Tokyo station. This is when sleep deprivation caused me to loose my mind.


It was around 5pm, the time you want to avoid the train stations because it is Tokyo rush hour. Salary men and women filled the station as we entered the main section. I looked around at the madness and realized I had no idea how to figure out where and what train to ride to get to Akihabara where our hotel was located. We learned from YouTube videos that the best thing to do is use google maps because the giant train maps on the wall are really hard to understand, even in English. I pop into Google maps and put in Tokyo station to Akihabara station. What came up didn't make since. I would later learn it was giving me 3 different choices and I needed to click further to get the information I needed to find our train. The lack of sleep was making my brain not work. So we ended up giving up on the train idea and went back outside where I had noticed a lot of taxis.


The taxi area was very organized, not like New York where you have to flag them down. There was an area where taxis came in and dropped people off and another area where you wait in line for the next taxi to drive up. We weren't sure if the taxi driver would speak English and my Japanese was very beginner so I started digging in the bags looking for the address to the hotel I had printed out in Japanese. Someone yelled, "Nani ga something something Something," An annoyed looking, very short salary woman stood behind us. We were blocking the way to the taxi line. We said," sumimasen," a few times and moved out of her way. People always talk about how polite people are in Japan so she was a bit shocking to us, but her behavior was understandable. She just wanted to get home and we were blocking the way. She was the only person in all of Tokyo that was even a little rude. Which makes me glad. You can't be nice all of the time. You'll go mad.


Our taxi driver was very nice. The doors on the taxi didn't open and close automatically, so I guess that isn't all Taxis in Tokyo. We were warned not to try and open the door because it would open and close on its own. The ride from Tokyo station to our hotel in Akihabara took a little more than five minutes and cost about $16. At this point I became a bit worried. What if we couldn't figure out the trains and had to take a taxi everywhere. It would get pretty expensive to take taxis everywhere.


We checked in our hotel and had no problems checking in. The staff spoke English. We made our reservation through Expedia because I couldn't read their direct website, too much kanji. I'll do a separate blog about the hotel and the room. We have a lot of footage of both.


20171018_06225920171018_062259 We unloaded all our stuff and decided to check out the 7-11 that was close to the hotel. I didn't get anything because I was too tired to deal with the language barrier at that time. My extreme sleepiness was making me feel abnormally intimidated by everything. I was really, really out of it. My husband bought stuff. I think I have a picture of what he bought.


We then went to Coco Curry which was a place I had been looking forward to, but again so tired. The menu wasn't in English which normally would be fine. Why would it be in English, we are in Japan! But my brain was shutting down and I started to feel panicked like, "What were we thinking coming to a foreign country?" type thoughts. I managed to order level 5 curry which was much hotter than I thought it would be. We had heard that it was hard to find really spicy foods in Japan. They were wrong. I couldn't eat it all even though it was really good. I wish we had time to go again, during a time my mind was fully functional. 20171017_19133520171017_191335


After eating we returned to the hotel room, watched a little Japanese TV, and then at about 7pm we crashed and slept for about 10 hours. Thank goodness I woke up feeling much clearer and ready to take on Akihabara. Traveling half way around the world is a bitch but 100% worth it.


None of this got documented which makes me sad.


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