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Losing Weight: One of My Twelve 2018 New Year's Resolutions Detailed Out For Me and You

January 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

20160530_17280820160530_172808 As an artist, I believe it is important to be happy in your surroundings and happy with yourself or you won't feel like producing art.


So one of my goals, New Year's resolutions, for 2018 is to get my weight back to 120lb so my clothes will fit again. There is nothing I hate more than spending money on clothes. I'd rather be spending that money on trips to Japan or Australia, things that inspire my art. In my early 30s I gained weight. I weighed about 140lb. I used the plan below to get my weight back to 115lb by loosing about two pounds a week, which is a safe amount to loose.  Now I'm 43 and my weight is back up again so it is time to get back on Roxanne's weight lose plan. So here's the plan. If you are trying to loose weight too maybe it will work for you too.


1. Limit calories to 1500 calories per day


I can eat anything I want, the calorie count just can't go over 1500. You have to be really strict about measuring everything including condiments that your adding like ketchup. So it is work, but it does get easier as you start to memorize amounts after a while.  


2. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for 30 minutes


I put on Denise Austin videos from YouTube. They are free and I can do it at home. I start at 3 days a week and increase to every day as my body gets stronger.


3. No eating 21/2 hours before bedtime


Yes, at first you might feel like you want to eat before you go to bed, but soon, in about a week, your body will be trained to burn the stored calories while you sleep. You'll need to establish a bedtime and be strict about it.


4. Drink lots of water


You can drink water any time you want and as much as you want. If you get hungry during that 21/2 hours before bedtime, drink some water. 


5. Only check the scale once a week


Your weight will go up and down and you don't need to see that every day. At most, only check once a week. If you can check less, great! You only need to see the big changes or you will get discouraged. 



I'll blog more and make videos of my progress. I need to take a before shot and post it. I'll do that when I'm not sick any more. 

I Don't Normally Do New Year's Resolutions

January 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

20160125_17555220160125_175552 Like the title says, I don't like making resolutions, but this year I'm making an exception.

I feel like the last two years I haven't accomplished anything. That time period just happens to coincide with me changing back to working full time outside of the home again. Yes, my full time job sucks the life out of me and it needs to go.

I'm making several goals for myself and each one I conquer, my audience is going to benefit. I haven't worked out what the prizes will be yet. I'm working everything out as I write the posts. I do know that if you want to receive any of the prizes, you'll need to comment on my blog posts and YouTube posts. The more you post the higher your chance of winning. I may use rafflecopter. I liked that program when I was reviewing books more. I hope they are still around. If you have any ideas for prizes write them in the comments. Realistic ones please! I'm not taking any requests for a million dollars.

So here are my goals for 2018...

1. Get a new job

2. Get 100 Subscibers on YouTube

3. Get 10,000 views on YouTube

3. Put out at least two new videos a month

4. Lose 15 pounds to get back to 120LB

5. Create one new piece of art a month

6. Create one jewelry piece a month

7. Finish two short stories I started

8. Finish editing my novel

9. Finish creating my coloring book 

10. Start reviewing books again

11. Finish book 2 of Japanese From Zero

12. Make a video all in Japanese

13. Write a blog post all in Japanese

One goal I recently accomplished!

One of my YouTube videos made it to 100 views! That may not seem like much but it is a start. My videos are not that great. I'm terrible in front of the camera, but I am determined to conquer my awkward mess of a self and turn myself into something that might actually entertain a small niche market. If you love Halloween like I do you might like my first 100 views video at Busch Gardens.


I'll have more posts coming up detailing out each of my resolutions and how I plan to accomplish them.

Jetblue Flight to Boston on Our Way to Japan: or what I've been up to lately

December 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

20160227_18211820160227_182118 Wow. I've done a terrible job of keeping up with this blog. I'm going to try harder though. I do have a good excuse. I've been working full time and going to college full time. Then I went to Japan for two weeks. And that's what this post is about, Japan, and many more posts to come. I enjoyed all the wonderful YouTuber videos about Japan and am so thankful to them. They gave my husband and I the courage to go to a foreign country he and I have wanted to go to for years; like 20 years, maybe more. I don't know if we would have ever gone if it weren't for the wonderful information people living in Japan were kind enough to share for free with the whole world. Now I want to do the same. My videos probably won't be has well put together but at least I'm willing to put myself out there and try. I hope someone finds the information useful and I hope I inspire someone to follow their dream and go to Japan. Here are a lot of the YouTubers I'd like to thank. 

Sharmander    Mimei Land   Only in Japan   Rachel and Jun

Taylor   Tokyo Lens   Abroad in Japan   Texan in Tokyo

There are so many more and I'll add them to other posts and videos as I go along.


Here is my first Japan video. Please don't make fun of it too much. I know it's not professional, but hopefully I'll get better over time because we do plan to visit Japan again. Something went wrong with the audio. I hope I can get it fixed. I hope you enjoy!


We had a piggy back flight. We flew Jetblue to Boston to catch our Japan Air flight. The only bad thing about that was we could not pick our seats on Jetblue without calling them or check in online. We had to check in at the airport. At least the airport, BWI, wasn't that busy. We were able to each take two suitcases a carry on and a personal item on both flights. Too bad I over packed. I would have liked to have bought more stuff.

I'm Just Going to Write and Think of a Title Later #amwriting #darkart #adultcoloringbook

May 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Writer That Doesn't Write

Yup, that's me. I haven't written anything real in years now. I don't know what happened. The desire to write just went away. I guess I'm too absorbed in art right now. I do have something exciting happening on October 1st, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it yet so I won't. You'll just have to wait. I like how many times I just used the word just. If I was editing your work I'd be yelling at you for that. But it's the way I talk, so in my blog posts you'll just have to deal with it. Ha ha.

Adult Coloring Book News

I have been thinking about working on my novel Believe again, but I must finish my adult coloring book first. I have fifteen pages done. I'm making great progress. The more I work on it the better I think it is getting.  I could be fooling myself but I guess I'll find out soon when I get everything finished. Here are the pages so far. Tell me in the comments what you think. Would you want to color these? What else do you think I should draw. It is hard to come up with ideas. I may not be the best illustrator but I don't care. I'm going to finish this and put it out no matter how bad it might be. I love it and I enjoy doing it. Drawing makes the time at work go by so much faster. 

Page 1 peacockPage 1 peacock Page 2 Saturn's MoonPage 2 Saturn's Moon Page 5 Lost TeddyPage 5 Lost Teddy Page 4 MushroomsPage 4 Mushrooms Page 3 Skull ChaosPage 3 Skull Chaos Page 6 April Shows Eyeball FlowersPage 6 April Shows Eyeball Flowers Page 7 Eyeball TreePage 7 Eyeball Tree Page 8 PhoenixPage 8 Phoenix Page 9 Pumpkin HousePage 9 Pumpkin House Page 11 What's in the BoxPage 11 What's in the Box Page 10 Rose on leavesPage 10 Rose on leaves Page 12 Chinese DragonPage 12 Chinese Dragon Page 13 Scary ToysPage 13 Scary Toys Page 14 Hungry CrowPage 14 Hungry Crow Page 15 Death Head Moths on FlowersPage 15 Death Head Moths on Flowers

I'm Back and I'm Working on a Dark Whimsical Adult Coloring Book #adultcoloringbook

April 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So I have neglected my blog for far too long. I've been making a huge life change from being a wedding photographer to being a fine arts photographer and artist. So I had to get a full time job because bills won't wait for my art to start selling. I'm working a few days a week at a Hotel and a few days a week at an art retail store and that is sucking up a lot of my time. 

So enough with the boring stuff. While I'm waiting for "inspiration" I decided to challenge my son to an art contest. He is very talented and has a lot of time on his hands and it just eats my insides watching him waste it playing video games and sleeping all day. I don't know what's wrong with these millennials. So to get a fire under his butt I said that I bet I could create a 48 page adult coloring book before he could, even while working forty hours a week.  

So far I have two pages completed and eight penciled out. I tried drawing directly in photoshop with a wacom bamboo and I hate it. So I am drawing with pencil, inking it in, and then scanning it. Then I add extra stuff in photoshop. Hopefully I get used to the wacom at some point and can start skipping a few steps. But here are the first two finished pages. Drum roll please!

Page 2 Saturn's MoonPage 2 Saturn's Moon Page 1 peacockPage 1 peacock

I know I'm not the worlds best illustrator and there are artists far better than me. But guess what. I don't care. I know somewhere out there someone will like my work. So person, whoever you are, this is for you my friend and no one else.

So where  am I learning to do this awesome stuff you ask. A lot of it learned FROM WATCHING YOU. Sorry, bad joke. Actually, there are two main sources so far. 

One: Is a website called Control Paint. A resource of free and paid videos on how to draw and paint in photoshop. These videos are awesome and I'm slowly working my way through all of them. This guy does not pay me. I just really love his videos.

Two: A book on drawing called How to Draw Cool Stuff. You can get this book for free on Kindle. Or you can buy a physical copy. This is an affiliate link so I do get a small amount of money if you click and buy which helps pay the $250 I owe for this site each year.

It's time for me to get back to work inking. I've got to stay ahead of the child. Mom's got to prove her point!