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My Book Review Policy

I only accept Self-Published Books in the following genres: fantasy, horror, sci-fi. Right now I have a Huge pile of requests and little time, so I’m  inclined to deny any review requests I receive. Feel free to keep sending them, but understand the odds are quite slim that I’ll accept the request right now. 

Submission of a Request:

The  only way to request a book review from me is to do so via my email, which is photogooroo@yahoo.com. It’s how I keep track of everything, and I will ignore review requests submitted via any other avenue.

Content of a Request:

I'm busy so the only thing I want to see is  Book review request in the subject of the email and the author's name, name of the book, genre of the book, and a link to the book on Amazon. Nothing else is needed or wanted.

Book Format:

I only want electronic formats. Kindle formats prefered.


I will post every review here, on Amazon, and on Goodreads. 


If you feel I didn’t give you a fair review, I'm sorry. It's my opinion and I'm not changing it. Just remember, what I dislike about your book in a review may attract another reader so don't think of bad reviews as bad.  The fact that someone gives your book a 1 star review because it has too much violence, too much cussing, or too much blood makes me want to read it more.